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  • CookNg

    Tags: .NET, WebAPI, RavenDb, DurandalJs, SPA, JavaScript, Azure, Bootstrap, Recipe


    CookNg is a recipe app I built for my wife and her family (The Ng's).

    This is actually the 3rd rendition if this idea, and in each rewrite I have used it as a vehicle for learning various technologies required for work or my own personal development.

    Currently CookNg is a web app, built with DurandalJs and an embedded RavenDb server. The first version was a delphi fat client, the second was an ASP.NET MVC v1 web application, built with NHibernate. 


    • Recipes store - create, edit, delete
    • full text search - super fast keyword based searching via
    • Fast, modern, responsive interface
    • Recipe data includes multiple sections, tags, and images


    • .NET 4.5
    • ASP.NET Web API
    • RavenDb embedded
    • DurandalJs
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Microsoft Azure

    Status: In Development