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  • Planning Poker

    Tags: C#, .NET, DurandalJs, SignalR, Agile


    At work our teams using an agile methodology for planning work. Part of this involves using planning poker to get estimations from everyone. I thought it might be interesting to do this using a real time tool like SignalR, and DurandalJs for the front end.

    As an investigation into SignalR, this was a worthwhile idea, however it is far from finished. I'd like to get back to this sometime soon! I'm sure that this could actually be quite useful to us (or others!)

    Status: Experiment

  • CookNg

    Tags: .NET, WebAPI, RavenDb, DurandalJs, SPA, JavaScript, Azure, Bootstrap, Recipe


    CookNg is a recipe app I built for my wife and her family (The Ng's).

    This is actually the 3rd rendition if this idea, and in each rewrite I have used it as a vehicle for learning various technologies required for work or my own personal development.

    Currently CookNg is a web app, built with DurandalJs and an embedded RavenDb server. The first version was a delphi fat client, the second was an ASP.NET MVC v1 web application, built with NHibernate. 


    • Recipes store - create, edit, delete
    • full text search - super fast keyword based searching via
    • Fast, modern, responsive interface
    • Recipe data includes multiple sections, tags, and images


    • .NET 4.5
    • ASP.NET Web API
    • RavenDb embedded
    • DurandalJs
    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • Microsoft Azure

    Status: In Development