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  • Laan Tail

    Tags: C#, .NET, WPF, Tail


    This is my version of a tail app, built in WPF


    • C#, WPF
    • ClickOnce deployment
    • Modern 'Metro' look and feel
    • Multi-tab interface, with activity indicator
    • Drag-n-drop support
    • Regex-based highlighting (via xml config file only)
    • Clear file command - great for debugging!


    • WPF
    • Caliburn Micro
    • MahApps Metro
    • Reactive Extensions (Rx)
    • TPL

    This project is still a work in progress - BUT, I do use it on a daily basis. It could de with a bit of attention, since there are a couple of niggling bugs still hanging around.. One day!

    Status: Alpha

  • Planning Poker

    Tags: C#, .NET, DurandalJs, SignalR, Agile


    At work our teams using an agile methodology for planning work. Part of this involves using planning poker to get estimations from everyone. I thought it might be interesting to do this using a real time tool like SignalR, and DurandalJs for the front end.

    As an investigation into SignalR, this was a worthwhile idea, however it is far from finished. I'd like to get back to this sometime soon! I'm sure that this could actually be quite useful to us (or others!)

    Status: Experiment

  • Sql Format

    Tags: .NET, C#, SQL, Parser, Formatter, NHibernate


    SQL Parsing Formatting Tool for .NET

    The intention of this project is to implement a 'pretty formatter' of SQL because of the terse nature of NHibernate generated SQL, and also to ensure SQL is readable (according to my standard).

    There is also a simple one page sql formatter available here to allow some experimentation, but this project is still in its infancy, so don't expect too much just yet! Current Features

    • Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DECLARE, GO statements
    • Uses white space liberally to separate table and join parts
    • MSI for an addin into MS Management Studio 2008 to allow formatting and template expansion NHibernate Appender to asynchronously format all NHibernate.SQL originated log messages
    • Simple web page to allow adhoc SQL formatting
    • Can convert sp_executesql including variable declarations

    Download available here

    Status: Stable