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  • Laan Tail

    Tags: C#, .NET, WPF, Tail


    This is my version of a tail app, built in WPF


    • C#, WPF
    • ClickOnce deployment
    • Modern 'Metro' look and feel
    • Multi-tab interface, with activity indicator
    • Drag-n-drop support
    • Regex-based highlighting (via xml config file only)
    • Clear file command - great for debugging!


    • WPF
    • Caliburn Micro
    • MahApps Metro
    • Reactive Extensions (Rx)
    • TPL

    This project is still a work in progress - BUT, I do use it on a daily basis. It could de with a bit of attention, since there are a couple of niggling bugs still hanging around.. One day!

    Status: Alpha