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    SQL Parsing Formatting Tool for .NET

    The intention of this project is to implement a 'pretty formatter' of SQL because of the terse nature of NHibernate generated SQL, and also to ensure SQL is readable (according to my standard).

    There is also a simple one page sql formatter available here to allow some experimentation, but this project is still in its infancy, so don't expect too much just yet! Current Features

    • Supports SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, DECLARE, GO statements
    • Uses white space liberally to separate table and join parts
    • MSI for an addin into MS Management Studio 2008 to allow formatting and template expansion NHibernate Appender to asynchronously format all NHibernate.SQL originated log messages
    • Simple web page to allow adhoc SQL formatting
    • Can convert sp_executesql including variable declarations

    Download available here

    Status: Stable